8 Habits That Prevent You From Finding Love

It isn’t easy to find a right man. But don’t rush to look for fundamental problems and shortcomings in yourself. Scientists say that some inconspicuous habits prevent us from meeting a loved one.

1. Find fault with appearance

If you like a certain type of men, it's normal. Tastes are difficult to change. Don't brush off a man just because he mismatches your requirements. So you risk missing someone with whom you can build a joint future. Don’t force yourself to meet someone who you dislike, remain open-minded and unbiased.

2. Wait for the unobtainable man

Everyone had a love that was fated to fail. You can’t be with the man you love, but it's hard for you to admit the truth. You hope that one day everything will change, and thinking so, you just waste time. You close from the world and don’t give a chance to those who can become your destiny.

3. Follow the ex in social networks

When they break our heart, it's difficult to recover and forget about it. If after the break-up you decided to remain friends, you shouldn’t keep in touch even in social networks. Seeing the message or notification from the man who has hurt you, you automatically return to the past.

If you want to end this story, heal the wounds and start a new relationship, stop monitoring your ex on the network. Block the profile and live on.

4. Compete with the ex

Your ex has found a new girl, you also need to find someone. In their relationship there was an important event, you need to arrange something more grandiose. You are unlikely to prove something. So you just vainly risk the relationship: it becomes artificial and loses value in your eyes. You concentrate only on the one thing - to have the edge over the ex and make him regret. Nothing good will come of it.

5. Look back at the past

Every relationship is different from the previous ones. Don’t compare your feelings with those experienced in the previous relationships. This is fraught with unrealistic expectations and disappointment. We grow and change, and this also applies to the behavior in relationships. Respect the changes within yourself and your relationships. Appreciate every moment and don’t compare it with the past.

6. Post too much unnecessary information on social networks

We often overdo it with network activity. Leave a place for a riddle, give men a chance to get to know you better and meet face-to-face. If the search engines give out all the details of your life, there is no secrecy left. Learning about each other is a pleasant process. Social networking sites are a useful tool if you make the smart use of it for finding women online.

7. Stuck in the comfort zone

Sometimes you need to lie on the sofa, turn on the TV and be alone, but don’t abuse it. If you don’t get in a situation where you can meet people, you have little chance to find a man. It’s difficult to fall in love without leaving home.

8. Criticize yourself

Nobody is perfect. Every person has shortcomings, reasons for doubts and traits, which he would like to change. But a woman, who believes in herself, looks much more attractive. It isn’t easy to become self-confident. You need to learn how to love, accept and respect yourself. Show the world that you love yourself, and others will support you in it.